Bossalingo @ One Straw Farm

We had such a good time at One Straw Farm performing there for folks on the lawn.  It is such a beautiful place where the city hum is completely absent, right along with all the stresses of city life.  Joan and Drew were such awesome hosts too.  They made sure the band was comfortable and fed.

It sure did not look like we were going to be able to perform that day on the way to the show.  There was a downpour of epic proportions as we were driving up 83 to the farm.  I said a little prayer and then I immediately saw a ray of light coming through the dark clouds.  I am not kidding!  I just knew everything would be ok when I saw the light peeking through.

Kirkwood Shop Rd. was actually flooded as I drove toward the entrance to One Straw.  I was getting a little worried but I remembered that ray of light.  My cell phone rang and the bassist, Jake Leckie asked where everyone was.  The drummer, Mike Kuhl called and asked the same thing.  There were a few people gathered on the porch when we came to the house and the rain was just easing up.

Joan asked me if she thought it was worth following through with the show.  I said "Of course!"  and we loaded our gear onto the front porch to prepare to perform.  Just then the sun popped out and in a matter of minutes it was a gorgeous day and people started gathering on the lawn anticipating the show!  We were ready in about a half hour and even more folks streamed into the farm and a wonderful experience emerged out of a seemingly disastrous day.

Please check out the One Straw Blog  for more info about the amazing work they are doing to provide organic quality produce to Baltimore.  If you live in the area, be sure to check out the CSA which stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a way people can prepay for produce for the season and simply pick it up every week at convenient locations.