Bossalingo on G-Strings Sunday mornings w/Tom Cole WPFW

It was so great to hear from random fans who heard Bossalingo's Steps Beyond played on G-Strings Sunday morning with Tom Cole!  Thanks for all the great feedback about the new CD and thanks to all those who bought the CD based on what they heard.  I am really happy folks are enjoying the music.  I respect Tom Cole and Pacifica radio for all the things they do for the community and for Jazz.  Its awesome to be part of that family.  Tom interviewed us years ago and it is one of our treasured memories playing live in his studio and answering his thoughtful questions about the music.

Check his show out every Sunday morning on WPFW 89.3.  He always plays very beautiful and unique music and his personality is so perfectly suited for relaxed Sunday mornings.  Its great to listen to his show on the way to church, or while reading the Sunday morning paper, or just relaxing alone on a drizzly day with a cup of tea.