Grammy Award Winner Arturo O'Farrill to join Bossalingo @ Blues Alley Nov.7th!

What great news!  Got a call back from Arturo last night and he is all set for joining the band on Nov.7 for our debut performance at Blues Alley.  Arturo is one of the most amazing pianists I have ever seen.  I met him years ago when he was performing with Pheonix Rivera, son of the great Mario Rivera.  They were all there doing a Latin Jazz All Star show.  I was profoundly inspired by the performance and by Mario's incredible devotion to music.  Arturo really stood out as a performer on the bandstand.  I was really taken by his solos and his overall approach to music.  We are scheduled to rehearse the new music together at his studio in Brooklyn NY in early September and I am scrambling to get all the arrangements scored.  I love when opportunities like this happen.  It adds so much more juice to the creative process to know a great musician like Arturo is going to be bringing his wealth of experience to the songs.

There will be 2 sets that evening.  Tickets will be available soon on the website as soon as the show is posted.

See you on Nov.7th!!
Michael Joseph Harris