Radio interviews! WTMD & WPFW

We had a blast recently with two different radio interviews and live performances.  The first was for WTMD 89.7, an amazing station here in Baltimore with Sam Sessa for Baltimore Hit Parade which aired Tuesday June 10 at 9PM and will air again Sunday June 15 (Fathers Day) at 4PM.  The show was edited to perfection and spaced over about an hour featuring 4 of our original tunes and lots of great interview material.    You can stream WTMD here

The second was for Tom Cole of WPFW which aired last Sunday June 8.  You can listen to the archived show by scrolling about 1:05 (an hour and 5 minutes) into the show.  Go to Tom Cole's G-Strings June 8.  That was so much fun!  We had a great response from fans who listened as well.  Tom is just awesome!   

Michael Joseph Harris