Fall News and Notes!

Great news! We sold out of our first run of CDs! We already have a new run ready to sell online and at shows. We also got our first check from Apple iTunes so the system appears to be working. People are buying our music all over the world! We are also getting some play on Spotify which is great because it puts our music into more speakers, iPads iPhones, iPods, and computers. Of course we would prefer people take a moment to buy the tracks from CD Baby or Bandcamp because every dollar helps us fund another album and helps with tour expenses.

We are so excited to perform our first big concert in Baltimore on Thursday Nov.6 @ Creative Alliance. This is going to be our first live concert professionally filmed so that folks can enjoy the entire concert on You Tube and Vimeo. Look out for that in the coming months.

A couple cool upcoming shows: Ultrafaux will be doing a Stephane Grappelli tribute concert under the name Hot Club of Baltimore with violinist Patrick McAvinue at Germano's Cabaret in Baltimore on Nov.21st. Space fills up quick, so book your tickets soon. Then Ultrafaux will be doing all original music at Kennedy Center on Tuesday Jan.6 for their Millennium Stage Series. By then we will be performing all new music to record our next album in January 2015, just one year after forming the group in 2014. We are looking at possible radio features on WYPR, WPFW, and WTMD in preparation for the next chapter of Ultrafaux as we move closer to going to Holland, Ireland, England, & France in the summer. The amazing Olivier Kikteff from Les Doigts de l'Homme will also be here in January touring with the exciting Marian Badoit Trio. I know I plan on coming up to NYC to see them perform at Joe's Pub on Tuesday Jan.13. We are looking into sharing the stage with this awesome ensemble sometime in January after that show. Stay tuned!

Incidentally we will be in NYC during the big APAP conference, which is the Association of Performing Arts Presenters. That will be a good opportunity for us to meet the folks really making a difference in concert venues all over the world!

We hope to see you all at our upcoming shows!

Ultrafaux - Michael, Sami, & Eddie

Michael Joseph Harris