Our first HD concert video! Kennedy Center! Spring & Summer Tour

You know sometimes in life you just have to go for it, take a huge risk, and see what happens. Ultrafaux has embarked on a quick progression of such risk/reward scenarios. Every indication is that we are doing something right!  Our latest risk had to do with hiring videographer Harry Bechkes to shoot an entire two hour concert, our biggest show of he year right here in Baltimore city. The pressure was intense. Not only did we have a packed house, we had a huge repertoire, no sheet music, and 4 guest artists to feature. We were prepared though and we delivered!  We hope you agree that we are producing world class gypsy jazz you all can be proud of supporting. See the video here and please subscribe 

We have been getting a lot of good recognition by the press and great attendance at shows, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.  Our plan is to do another series of shows in the south, then a European stint in late June followed by a New England and Canadian tour in late summer. Oh and we have a ton of new music being tweaked and finished for another upcoming recording session. And if that's not enough, we also have solid plans to record a Hot Club of Baltimore album featuring all the amazing players we have been featuring all year long. Alexis Tantau - vocalist, Cesar Orozco - pianist, Joe Brotherton - trumpet, Dan Cohan - percussion, Seth Kibel - clarinet & flute, John Dierker - bass clarinet and many more.  Look for a kickstarter for those after the holidays.

Ultrafaux will be featured at Kennedy Center Millenium Stage on Tuesday January 6 at 6pm.  Please try to make it and let all your DC friends know we will be in town. I believe its a free concert. Best thing is that they will provide us with a DVD of the entire show!  Also we have a big show at Ottobar in Baltimore on Feb.20 with friends The Highland Hill Boys and 99.5 Blues Band.  This will be a seriously fun night and only $10 in advance.  Early March begins our Southern tour with Conundrum in South Carolina on March 6, and an appearance on the Blue Plate Special radio show in Knoxville on March 10 at noon. Be sure to tune in. Apparently they have a pretty big audience in France which is pretty cool.

Summer plans begin with Sami and Michael going to Django in June which happens in Northhampton Massachusetts every June, then to France for Festival Samois.  Hopefully we will get a spot performing on one of the smaller stages there this year. Also booking tour stops for all over Netherlands, London, Ireland, Belgium, and France.  We end our tour traveling up through New England and into Canada where there is a huge gypsy jazz scene. We will of course try to stop in Manhattan and Brooklyn along the way.  Anyway 2014 has been fun and productive, but we are looking forward to more shows as we get better and better at performing this complex and demanding style known as gypsy jazz.  It's also the funnest music in the world!  See you at a show soon and please take a moment to join our mailing list and subscribe to our You Tube Channel.

Michael Joseph Harris