Going South! Tour begins Nov.8 in Asheville NC

Hey everyone,  It's been a minute since I last wrote, but we have been very busy releasing 2 new CDs and getting our ducks in a row for this upcoming tour.  So we have a new Hot Club of Baltimore CD "Place de Brouckère" which features some great Django Reinhardt songs and vocal tunes with Alexis Tantau and Kerra Holtgren, plus about 12 other top notch musicians like pianist César Orozco & and fiddle player Patrick McAvinue !

At the very same time, Ultrafaux was busy rehearsing and recording 12 new originals titled Deuxième pronounced Doo-zee-M, which means "the second one."  Our official  CD release party is at the awesome 8x10 club in Baltimore on Friday Jan 8.   Make plans to catch that show because it will be one of the best local shows of the year.  We will be sharing the stage with Chris Pumphrey's band Mondawmen featuring John Dierker on sax and our good friend Zach Serleth's band Highland Hill Boys will be opening the night.  Tickets are already on sale for only $12 HERE

Highland Hill Boys

Chris Pumphrey & Mondawmen 

Our tour schedule for Ultrafaux takes us through North and South Carolina and into Georgia for some really fantastic venues.  Please tell all of your friends in those regions.  Here is our complete schedule 

Well, I hope to see you soon!  Check back with our blog for some funny posts from the road and please be sure to visit and like our Facebook page if you haven't already.  Its a great way to check in with what we are doing.  You may also be on our e-mailing list HERE.  

And now we have T-Shirts for SALE!!  Yay!  Go here to check those out!

Thanks a million!!  


Michael Joseph Harris